Due to our president (also webmaster/statistician), Lisa Ochoa falling ill suddenly and having to leave the board, as well as, board members being exhausted from a very stressful 2020 & 2021, we failed to appropriately communicate the new DNA requirement approved the last quarter of 2021 with the rest of CWA. This ruling was effective January 1, 2022. The board voted to amend the DNA requirement start date to: Any dog born on or after January 1, 2022 is required to provide proof of their AKC DNA profile when applying for a CWA number. It takes on average 8 weeks to get a DNA profile from AKC. We have found that occasionally it takes longer, so it is very important to give yourself plenty of time. The CWA application will not be accepted without the DNA profile. Read the full announcement for more details.

CWA is seeking a volunteer who has the skills to take on a central position within the organization: Statistician/Webmaster!

If this position interests you, please read the
Job Description
to see if it's a perfect fit for you.

Applicants should contact Chris Durance-Watkins.

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Our former President and Statistician, Lisa Ochoa, has been diagnosed with a glioblastoma and faces overwhelming challenges. Lisa has been appointed to the honorary position of President Emeritus of CWA, in recognition for her years of service.

Many people have asked how they, too, can honor Lisa. For those who are so inclined, Connie Brunkow has organized a fundraising campaign to support Lisa's family with the expenses related to her care. Please keep Lisa and her husband, Pat Reynolds, in your thoughts.

Cards and letters of support can be sent to her home at this address: Lisa Ochoa, 1476 N CR 1350 E, Tuscola, IL 61953

Changes that affect your dogs' records should be reported to the Interim Statistician to keep our records accurate.

Check the Grading Guide to see what we have on file. Important changes include: Ownership, Call Name, Email address, and New Titles or retirement from competition. Accurate records will result in accurate printing and distribution of titles.

Thank you for helping us serve you better.
The CWA Email Group
If you were a subscriber to our email group on Yahoo, you may be aware that Yahoo terminated their groups some time ago.
CWA has replaced the Yahoo group with a similar function on Groups.IO. We invite you to join so that you receive email notification regarding items of interest.

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