2023 Calendar of Events

Please email cwawhippetracing@gmail.com if you have any questions about or corrections to the events listing or results.


For additional information contact the Event Secretaries as listed below:

Alamo Area Whippet Club (AAWC): Lawrence Collins; Lcollins42@gmail.com

• BWA: Badgerland Whippet Association (BWA): Krista Siehndel; ksiehndel@gmail.com

• Connecticut/Massachusetts/New York Whippet Society (CMANYWHIPS): Susan Bolduc; bolduc@bcn.net

• Dairyland Whippet Club (DWC): Doug Arthur; marial@wi.rr.com

Georgia Rag Racing (GRR): Chris Durance-Watkins; georgiaragracing@gmail.com

• Mid-Atlantic Whippet Racing Association (MAWRA): Kristen Fredericks; cofeature@gmail.com

• North Star Racing (NSR): Barb Hearley; bhearley@yahoo.com

• Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association (NCWFA): Bonnie Moore; bonnie.moore@gmail.com

• Oklahoma Racing & Coursing Assoc (ORCA): Kristal Couch; kcouch76@gmail.com

• Pretty Darn Quick Whippet Club (PDQ): Krista Siehndel; ksiehndel@gmail.com

• Racing For Fun (RFF): Beth Levine; serendipitywhippets@gmail.com

• River City Racing Assocation (RCRA): Diane Johnson; Diane.r.johnson@sbcglobal.net

• Rock and Roll Whippet Association (RRWA): Carl Morgan; cmorgan215@att.net

Smokey Mountain Area Racing Tennessee (SMART): Phyllis Brown; smartwhippet@gmail.com

• Tulsa Sighthound Association (TSA): Donna Bennett; donna@libertyakitas.com

• Whippets In New England (WINE): Donna Miner; dominodogs@charter.net


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