Rule Changes for 2022

This webpage is intended to provide early notice of rule changes which have been accepted by the Board of Directors per the CWA Rule Change process per Chapter I, Section B, Paragraph 8 of the CWA Rulebook:

The Rules Committee shall be comprised of the Board of Directors. Drafts of proposed rule changes must be submitted to the Secretary by October 1. No proposals submitted after October 1 can be voted upon. The Secretary shall post all drafts for discussion by the Board not later than October 5. Discussion shall close October 31 and final versions of all proposals must be submitted by November 15. The Secretary will distribute ballots to each Committee member as soon as possible thereafter, either electronically or via land mail. The deadline for Board members to vote on the proposals is January 1. Amendments to rules and regulations are passed if two?thirds of the submitted ballots are in favor.

We are currently working to incorporate the following rule changes into the Rulebook, Constitution, and By-Laws:

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